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Frequently Asked Questions »
Don’t ask yourself these question anymore because you can own a house of your choice without any huge money. All you need is a minimum monthly contribution of GH¢ 250, £ 100 or $ 200 or daily payment of GH ¢10.
Jorbies real estate ltd. presently has acres of land at Kasoa-Tuba developing some into 2, 3, & 4 bedroom unit for all prospective customers who can afford the minimum monthly daily contribution. That is offering customers the ease in building a house.

Q: Can Jorbies Real Estate build on my plot or land with my own plan?
Ans: yes we can build on your land with a building plan of your choice. In fact we build with you.
Q: Can I trust the Quality standard of Jorbies Real Estate?
Ans: Jorbies real estate uses materials and systems approved by standard board and also with highest specification to safeguard your property.
Q: For how long will I contribute?
Ans: Depending on the minimum amount you contribute daily or monthly. You can contribute monthly and watch your money grow. Work starts on your project after 18 months contribution, going by the minimum contribution of GH¢250, £ 100 or $200 a month.
Q: Is 18 month not too long?
Ans: You can shorten the period by contribution higher than the minimum amount required to start.
Q: How long will it take jorbies to build if I meet the requirements?
Ans: These also depend on your contribution. Ideally, the house would be complete in approximately 18 month.
Q: Will I get the chance to see my project as work is being done?
Ans:  Yes, as many times as you want. However, you have five (5) official visits to the site with an estate officer.
Q: Will I have any input during the visits?
Ans: Yes, we build with you. Your input will be required. You can make changes to the plan. After all, it’s your house.
Q: Who qualifies to own any of these houses?
Ans: Anyone all customers who can afford the minimum monthly contribution of GH¢250, £ 100 $ 200.
 Q: Can I withdraw my money in case I change my mind?
Ans: Sure, you can withdraw your contribution if you change your mind, your total contribution plus any interest, less administrative charges.
Q: How does it work, just contribute and I will get a house?
Ans: your contribution is well invested. You get Treasury bill rate interest which is reviewed from time base on the market trends.
Q: Does jorbies build only in Accra?
Ans: No, at jorbies, you decide where we build.
Q: Is this not too sweet to be true?
Ans: You do not need too much money to build, you need wisdom and opportunity.
Q: How long will it take me to own the house?
Ans: A minimum of 5years but can even be shorter if you increase your contributions.
Q: Will I be allowed to occupy the house whiles paying the balance?
Ans: Sure, you would stay in the house and pay. We make luxurious homes really affordable
For all.

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