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Premature Investment Termination »
Policy on Premature Investment Termination - (i.e. Termination of Investment before due dates)

Jorbies Micro-Finance Ltd (JMF) appreciate the need for a customer (both corporate and individuals) to redeem their investment before due dates. However JMF do not also entertained Money Laundry (ML). With regards to any investment or placement to JMF, and it is been terminated before the due dates’,  the following policies would be applicable


The rate applicable to such funds placed for the period, prior to termination shall apply i.e. the investment or placement would be seen as fresh (in retrospect) on the rates that should be given to the investor(s) if he/she (they have) has informed us from onset that he/she (they) would be investing for the terminated (shorter) period. This is to curtail those who would opt for higher rate based on the long term nature of the placement. To which they would not be given that rate if they, he or she has made it known from onset, on or for the short term period of that placement.

A discount would be applied on the returns on the investments or placements  with these percentage rates:
  • Above 60% into the duration no discount on the returns.
  • Below 60% into the duration 2.5% discount on the returns.
  • Below 50% into the duration 5% discount on the returns.
  • Below 40% into the duration 7.5% discount on the returns.
  • Below 30% into the duration 10% discount on the returns.
  • Below 20% into the duration no returns shall be paid. Only principal would be paid on this
All returns or interests due on the placements or investments shall be pro-rated with days involved for the placement made period or duration.

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