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J-Royal Shares »
Jorbies Micro-Finance Limited is giving prospective investors the chance to become part owners of the company by patronizing shares. This is a one-time advantage to earn greater dividends annually and grow your funds.

Important Points to Notes:-
  • Jorbies is a fast growing company with sixteen branches spread across five regions of the country.
  •  Jorbies has a track record of exponential growth.
  • Funds invested at Jorbies are managed by very competent professionals who ensure nothing other than growth of your funds. 
  • Ownership is easily transferable and con be liquidated at ease.
  • You will be given the opportunity to see the company activities and get yourself involve in the administration of the company.
  • By you purchase, you shall be a part owner of a savings and loans company with over 22 branches
With over $250million shares available, purchase as much as you can for Gh₵ 0.50 per share. Minimum shares to purchase is Gh₵ 500,000. Remember, the more shares you buy the greater your percentage of ownership and its corresponding dividends.

This gold shares is for a few class of people who can afford and be a owner of the company. By law membership for a private company should not be more than 20 individual or institutional lenders. So you see, no matter your investment plan and desires, Jorbies has a product to suit you.

Note:  Much information is available at the head office to assist any prospective investor into our noble organization.

Jorbies Micro Finance.
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