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Jorbies Holdings Limited is a business firm made up of five (5) different companies, namely: Microfinance; Real Estate; Transportation& Logistics; Petroleum & Gas and Tyres Power. The company started in 2008 with the microfinance section where loans were granted to drivers and petty traders who were in need of financial assistance. With only two staff and one manager, the company pursued this vision of delivering well tailored products and services to the door step of customers. Over the years, the microfinance section has experienced exponential growth with over nineteen (19) branches spread across the country (Ghana). Haven given financial empowerment to many Ghanaians, Jorbies Limited concentrated on solving one of the most teething problems in the country; accommodation. This has been the goal of many governments and their successes in this regard are nothing to write home about.

Jorbies Real Estates, as a subsidiary in the Jorbies Group of Companies referred to as ‘Jorbies Holdings Limited’ provides the best quality and most affordable houses to accommodate people of all classes and economic strengths. With lands acquired at Adenta, Dorwenya, Kweikrom, Amasaman, Tuba, etc, Jorbies Real Estate offers its customers the luxury of owning their houses with very flexible payment terms and prices.

Jorbies Transportation and Logistics has made another source of employment for most youth today is commercial driving. Buses, Taxis, Trotro etc. are cars that most people desire to own. Either own and drive or buy for others to drive and earn sales. Whichever way, Jorbies transportation is established to assist you own a car. For others who want to own their private cars, Jorbies transportation is your answer and we assist you to buy your own car at very flexible payment terms.

After receiving financial empowerment for your business and work through Jorbies Microfinance, built your house through Jorbies Real Estate and bought your car through Jorbies Transportation and logistics, you are now ready to start your project. Your construction or building project, putting up a store or shop, school, roads, buildings, etc, Jorbies has experts who can assist you to cruise to the completion of your project. We can undertake your project from start to finish or we can serve as consultants for all your projects.
As you can see, Jorbies is your one-stop company where you can get all that you need. Visit any of the sites for all the five subsidiaries and read more about Jorbies Holdings Limited (Jorbies Group of Companies).

To be a world-class holdings company that is passionate about the standard of its customers.

To satisfy our customers and reward stakeholders. We strive to:
  •  satisfy our customers’ concerns
  •  reward, train and develop our hardworking and loyal employees
  •  make the environment friendly and rewarding

To be part of the Jorbies Family, one should be willing to put up this lifestyle.
  • OUTCOME OR RESULT ORIENTATION: We focus on results and have less passion for excuses. Final results (good) are welcome and bad treated for good.
  • PEOPLE ORIENTATION: We rely on people to drive our goals; therefore those people are taken into consideration with any new developments.Our employees and customers are our greatest assets.
  • INNOVATION AND RISK TAKING: Staff and management are encouraged to adapt to new technological improvement and also train themselves for future tasks –compulsory monthly trainings.
  • TEAM ORIENTATION: Group work and meetings would always be adhered to and these enable us achieve the needed results.
  •  AGGRESSIVENESS: This is portrayed through our constant efforts to move to our valued and most cherished customers at their homes and workplaces – we move to customers for business whiles others wait for customers to come with business.

Jorbies Holdings limited.
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